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2801 Was said to be "brother" of richard Church
Name of wife Anne Webstwe comes from Judd History of Hadley Mass. pg 99. No mention of his ffather or sister. Say he was one of the first settler of Hadley. 
Marsh, John (I1906)
2802 Was young when father died as he was placed under the guardianship of his older brother Richard. Taken from paperwork I have. “Dicken information area in virginia, USA pg. 79 Dicken, Charles (I5386)
2803 Web site Ancestor of Outlaw Jesse James and wife Zee Mimms on line has his first name as Shadrach Mimms Mims, Gideon (Shadrack) (I1630)
2804 Welch and German
Came to Illinois from Virginia in 1803-04 in about 1810 he mored to Champaign Co Ohio where he lived until his death in 1813 
Viney, John (I2350)
2805 Well known American landscape painter who commanded high prices for this striking use of light in his paintings. He was one of the most traveled apinters of the 19th century, making trips to south America, labrador, Europe and the Middle East in 1850's and 60's. Frederick was born in Hartford, Ct. May 4 1826 sone of Joseph and Eliza.

In 1860, Church bought a farm in Hudson, New York and married Isabel Carnes. Both Church's first son and daughter died in March 1865 of diphtheria, but he and his wife started a new family with the birth of Frederic Joseph in 1866. When he and his wife had a family of four children, they began to travel together. In 1867, they visited Europe and the Middle East, allowing Church to return to painting larger works.[7]
Before leaving on that trip, Church purchased the eighteen acres (73,000 m²) on the hilltop above his Hudson farmland he had long wanted because of its magnificent views of the Hudson River and the Catskills. In 1870, he began the construction of a Persian-inspired mansion on the hilltop and the family moved into the home in the summer of 1872. Richard Morris Hunt was the architect for Cosy Cottage at Olana,[3] and was consulted early on in the plans for the mansion, but after the Churches' trip to Europe and what is now Lebanon, Israel, Palestine, Syria, Jordan, and Egypt, the English architect Calvert Vaux was hired to complete the project.[3] Church was deeply involved in the process, even completing his own architectural sketches for its design. This highly personal and eclectic castle incorporated many of the design ideas that he had acquired during his travels.

View of the Hudson from the mansion
Illness affected Church's output. Although he was enormously successful as an artist, by 1876, Church was stricken with rheumatoid arthritis which greatly reduced his ability to paint. He eventually painted with his left hand and continued to produce his work, although at a much slower pace. He devoted much of his energies during the final 20 years of his life to his house at Olana.

May have had a wife Polly Olmstead 
Church, Frederic Edwin (I1865)
2806 Went by Chas W.

Born in MIssouri? 
Hendrickson, William Charles (I43)
2807 Went by Ellen spelled Lindsey on tomstone
Age in 1880 census is 25 sic b. 1855
Remarried to Ellen May Lindsay
Have brothers Levi from Republic Penn in 1938
and William from Austinburg Ohio in 1938

United States Census, 1860," Ellen Lindsay, , Allegheny, Pennsylvania 0 yrs checkthis
, Allegheny, Pennsylvania ward: Manchester Borough 
Lindsey (Lindsay), Barbary Ellen (I38)
2808 Went from Coldchester to Montville Conn Church, Deacon Jonathan (I714)
2809 Went to New London ct. 1658 where he purchased land. 1662 a small grant of the water front south of Fort land was made him. In 1668 by the payment of 15pounds to Uncas a settlemnt of the town bounds was iffected. The payment of this gratuity was assumed by James Avery, Daniel Wetherell and Joshua Raymond who were indemnified by the town with 200 acres of land each. He was one of the Committee who laid out the road between Norwich and New London through the Indian Reservation and for this service he received a farm on the route which became the nucleus of 1,000 acres lying together about eight miles from New London which was owned by his descendants. He was perhaps the 2nd person the build on Indian lands.

Died from wound received in the great swamp fight with the Narragansetts, 19 Dec 1675. 
Raymond, Joshua (I3054)
2810 Went to school in Ohio,he like to do pranks. At the age of 21 he married Corinda Bay the daughter of Squire William Bay of Indianapolis. Squire Bay had come from Champaign Co Ohio. He had sserved in the war of 1812 as a spy.

Mr. Viney remained at Indianapolis 9 years.
In March 1837 he made a visit to McHenry Co with his brother in law Simpson Bay and in August following he came to McLean Co to make his home. At one time, while making out a claim with his brother in law Simpson Bay they started a drove of thirty deer which ran past Bay and he fired at the herd, not at any particular deer and succeeded in killing one.Mr. Viney's amiable wife died Oct 21, 1871 at the age of 63. He has had a family of 12 children of whom six are living. All the living are in Illinoise except one who went to California they are: Wm M. living in Calif.
David Viney lives a mile and half north of his father, Mrs Lucinda m Cox wife of Re Amos Cox lives in Virginia, Cass County Illinois, Mrs. martha J Clary wife of James Clary lives with her father or rather her father lives with her,, alvin L lives in Bloomington, Edwin Ray lives at his fathers house. Mr. Viney is about 5feeet 10 inches 140 lbs. 
Viney, William Osborn (I525)
2811 went west early Lathrop, Daniel (I1506)
2812 Went with her husband and 6 children to Kingston N.B. in May 1783, they were Loyalist to the King. Their eldest child was born at Norwalk on Christmas Day 1768. Israel Hoyt was a useful man in the community, a vestry clerk in Kingston. H died may 3, 1803 at 61 yrs. A quaint old tombstone close beside the parish church is erected in his memory. Raymond, Mercy (I759)
2813 Went with other from Norwalk to New Brunswick , Canada and the city of St John. Granted him a houe lot. he married twice his daughter Ann having been the first native of the city of St John. His son Robert was the well known publisher of the so called"Sears" illustrated Bible. His mother Mrs Nathaniel Sear first and second Mrs Ebenezer Church is buried in St. Paul;s church yard. Sears, Thacher (I1925)
2814 were cousins Hendrickson, Thomas J (I828)
2815 West Farms (now Franklin) Hyde (Hide), Phineas (Phinehas) (I1512)
2816 Westmorland Couonty Gill, Edward II (I1137)
2817 Wethersfield Conn father and son found in History of Hadley Mass. by Judd.

He came to New England with his wife Elizabeth )sister of Mr John Deming one the patenteen in its charter_ whom he married about 1615 in England. They had 7 children all born in England ezcept possibly the youngest..
Nathaniel Foote was Representative to General Court 1641. In Pequod War 1637... He died 1644 aged about 51 years. 
Foote, Nathaniel (I1575)
2818 When he was 75years old he came from Virginia to missouri on horseback and bought a farm 6 miltes south of Marshall, where he lived until 1850. He then with his son Geiorge located on Section 5 township 50 range 23. FACKLER, Jacob (I5497)
2819 Where it all started: William Hassell born 1575 died 1620, William Hassell born 1598 in Axbridge Sumerset, England and died 12/26/1664 in Cambridge Suffolk, England and married Sarah Seward born 1605 in Bristol, Somerset, England and died in 1650 in Cambridge, Middlesex, England. John Hassell born 1602 in St Giles, Cripplesgate, England (Kent) and died 1682 in Barbados, His 1st wife was Margaret Muddle born 1606 in England and died in 1690 in Barbados, they had 6 children, then married 2nd wife Mary Muddle born 1635 in England, at St Martin in the Fields Church, Westminster Middlesex, England, they had 1 child, Edward Hassell | 22 | St Martin in the Fields Church, Westminster Middlesex, England, Hassell, William (I4149)
2820 Whitingham Museum had some spoons made from silver mined in Whingham in 1800. On display in 1994 have imprint "J Corbett sci silver spoons Corbett, John (I3205)
2821 who died in 1420 holding land in Great Parndon. His only daughter Joan, married Richard Maistor. From a pg. English Ancestry pg 11 C.W. Chruch, Waterbury Conn. Church (Chirche), robert (I3028)
2822 widow in 1900 living with her daughter and son in law. Iowa Prignitz, Mary (I5290)
2823 widow of Thomas Betts Herod, Elmira Elizabeth (I73)
2824 Widow of Thomas Betts so no a Betts but a Herod
Almira on 1900 census living with Elmer and Olive 
Herod, Elmira Elizabeth (I73)
2825 widow of Wm. Bradford Pace, Rebecca (I1653)
2826 wife could be Ova and sons Roy and James Ray in 1930 cesus living in Gratis Preble Ohio
1920 CENSUS living in Madison, Kentucky

1920 CENSUS BUTTE CO, Ca. virgil Estes 2 Barber Pre, Butte Ca. think this is Chico
Virgil was born in Kentucky age 44 married to Chloe Estes 38 with kids Harold, Loren, Garvin and Gladys L all children born in California 
Estes, Virgil (I4976)
2827 Wife of Henry Hyde
Mother of Jane Hyde; Urian Hyde; Robert Hyde; Hamon Hammer Hyde; Anne Hyde; Margaret Hyde; Beatrice Hyde; Thomas Hyde; John Hyde; Elizabeth Hyde; Mary Nuthall (Hyde); Katherine (Haywood) Worthington; Alice Hyde and Maria Tomlinson < less 
Calverly, Beatrice (I3871)
2828 wife of RIchard Littlehale with issues of own Mary (I2902)
2829 Wifes name on death notice 1852 McLean illinois Thersa Belle (I4490)
2830 Will at:

maybe b. fishing creek, granville, North Carolina d Nash, NC

John Portis died at his residence on Fishing Creek near Ransom's Bridge and near the intersection of Halifax, Franklin, Warren, and Nash Counties. The property was also known as the "Portis Gold Mines". His antecedent ancestors in America reportedly originated in Isle of Wight and Surry Counties,Virginia(not yet confirmed). John Portis left a will which his widow Sarah, and a number of other legatees mutually agreed to suppress. However, his "minor" son, Ira Portis, "by his guardian" brought suit in the Halifax Superior Court to a) establish the will of his father, and b) recover the legacy left to him by his father. (Halifax Superior Court Docket. ("Suppressed Will of John Portis-1794-of Nash County, NC," North Carolina Genealogical Society Journal, Vol. IV, No. 3, August 1978, pp. 169-170). The will identifies his children and some aspects of their status as of 5 May 1800.

John Portiss listed in 1790 Census of Franklin Co., NC, Halifax District. 1 while male over 16 and heads of family, 4 free white males under age 16, 3 free white females and heads of family, and 1 slave. 
Portis, John Floyd Alias (I1098)
2831 will dated Aug 4 1797 entered Oct 5 1797 Maddox, Cornelius (I1332)
2832 Will dated Sep 9, 1805 -probated 1828- States: Most to David, , George land, William land, equily among, Geoirge, William, Polly Mash, David, Rebecca Jones, Betsy Jones.. Negro boy Tom to be sold and Executors are Sus Jones, George Jones and Minitree Jones. Signed by Isaac Garrison, Sus Garrison, John Mash.
Land was located on New River - half way between Independence and Galax

William was described as from the Wilderness of Spotsylvania, Virginia.

Could be Rev War William Jones -VirginiaDragoons June 6, 1776 in Colonel Graysons Regiment and Lieutenant resigned Feb 7, 1778

2. William JONES. Born abt 1750 in Middlesex, Virginia.

William who in some records was referred to as a Major married Betty Churchill daughter of Col. Armistead Churchill.[i][i] William was described as from the Wilderness of Spotsylvania, Virginia. William Jones died in Grayson County, Virginia.
William married Betsy CHURCHILL.
The Jones family made their home along the waters of New River and Elk Creek, at a spot where there was an island in the river. This place was known for years as Jones Ford. During the Revolution, William was included in Captain Flower Swift's Company, but apparently was not fit to serve. It appears that after Betty died, William went to Mecklenburg County where he married Susanna and then returned west. The following year, he was made an Overseer of the road from Jones' Ford to Cranberry Creek. William's will was dated in Grayson County on September 9, 1805."[ii][ii]

William Jones Will. "JONES, William, deceased. September 1825. Dower assigned to wife, Sarah and children, David, William, George, Polly Mash, Rebeckah and Batsy (Betsy)."Land for George was on Rose Creek. Divide stock and sold negro boy Tom 
Jones, William (I357)
2833 Will found Richmond Va library Jan 1708 Surry Co Va. leaving all his estate to be divded between his two sons Thomas and Joseph. "It is supposed was the son of Jo Lane Sr born 1665
Thomas was granted land in 1665.
There is an agreement between Thomas Lane and his wife Jane in Surry Co,.1709. A will leaving his land to divided between his sons Thomas and Josedph Jan 5 1708..

Maybe a second wife JANE who is mentioned in agreement before the will.
Different birth and death dates on community 1633-1708.

Capt. Thomas Lane, Sr. (b. 1634, d. January 05, 1708/09)
Thomas Lane, Sr. (son of Richard Lane and Elizabeth Burwell) was born 1634 in Surry Co., VA, and died January 05, 1708/09 in Surry Co., VA. He married Elizabeth Jones Shepherd on June 11, 1661 in Surry Co., VA, daughter of Robert Shepherd and Elizabeth Spencer.

 Notes for Thomas Lane, Sr.:
"Thomas Lane born in 1634 is the first of the Lanes in Surry from which this family is traced." (Southside Virginia Families, "Lane of Surry and Sussex Virginia," Vol. 2, John Bennett Boddie, pp. 290-307). Thomas Lane of Surry County had sons: Thomas, Jr. and Joseph, Sr.. Joseph Lane Sr. was father of Mary Lane and Joseph Lane (md. Patience McKennie).
Surry County Records, Book 1, page 380: Thomas Lane on 3 Jan 1670 made a deposition, etc, giving his age as 36 (so he must have been born in 1634/5).
"Surry County Records, Book 2, page 60: A deposition by Thomas Lane on 1 Feb 1674 in which he gives his age as 39 and wherein he agrees to act with John Pricce (age 24) to appraise the estate of Thomas Taylor; sworn before Captain Charles Barham. They were "to meet at Mr. Arthur Long's house" but when they got there, the deputy sheriff, John Sellway, had gone to Austin Honecutt's house, etc., (it establishes the fact that Thomas was 26 years of age when he married "Widow Elizabeth Jones.") Heather W. Bowers 6-29-2002 P.O. Box 805 43 Poplar St. Porterdale, GA 30070 770-385-0468 or
Thomas LANE Sr.1,2,3 signed a will on 5 Jan 1708 in Surry Co., Va.4
Will- In the name of God Amen I Thomas Lane of the County of Surry being in good health of body and perfect mind and memory thanks betherefore given to Almighty God. Do make and Ordaine this my ____ Last Will and testament in manner and form following that is to say first ______ I commend my Soul of hand of almighty God hoping through the meritts Death and (Passion?) of my Savior Jesus (I wish?) tto have full and free pardon and forgiveness of all my sins and to Inheritt Everlasting Life afer my body I committ __ Earth to be _____ buried as of _____of my Excutors hereafter named and as for my temporal Estate which it hath pleased Almighty God to ____ upon me I give and Di___ thereof as followeth: First I will that my debts & funeral charges be paid and discharged.
Item I will that my Land be divided between my two sons Thomas and Joseph according to a line of mark "T" trees made between me and my son Thomas and p_____ by the neighbors to them and their Hiers forever.
Item I will that my personal Estate be equally divided between my two sons aforesaid and I appoint that my two sons Exuctors of this my Last Will and Testament. I do hereby revoke Disanull and make void all former Wills and Testaments by me theretofore made in. Wittness whereof I hereunto Sett my hand and Seal the 5th Day of January 1708.
Thomas (T) Lane Sealed (The T is his mark)
List of Emigrants to Virginia" by Hottens; Under date 16 Feb 1623 appears a Thomas Lane of Elizabeth Cittye County.
"Adventures of Purse & Person" by Hiden, page 58: The Muster of Mr. Edward Waters, Elizabeth City County, 1624 shows Thomas Lane, age 30, who came to Virginia in the Bona Nova" in 1620. (This Thomas Lane could be the father of the Thomas Lane aforesaid, who married the widow, Elizabeth Jones.)
"Surry County, Virginia Grant Book 7, page 184: Thomas Lane, in the year 1682, was granted 400 acres on Lawne's Creek.
"Virginia" by Writers Project, page 584: "The ruins of Lawne's Creek Church are roofless, with vine-covered walls pierced by arched windows. within, trees are growing above a carpet of ivy periwinkle. Lawne's Creek Parish, created in 1639, became extinct in 1738. During reconstruction days the church was set on fire by negroes, who had used its cemetery and were loathe to relinguish their occupancy when the whites attempted to regain possession. Near State highway #10."
"Surry County Virgina Tithables (white) lists the following: 1668, Thomas Lane, Robert Lane, Gopher Lewis; 1674, Thomas Lane; 1678, Thomas Lane Sr (indicating there must have been a younger Thomas); 1683, Thomas Lane Sr and Richard Lane (Richard's Will of 18 Nov 1687 in Will Book 3, page 83, mentions his widow, Elizabeth, and two sons, 1694, Thomas Lane Sr, Thomas Lane Jr and Joseph Lane (these last two were sons of the Thomas Sr as proved in will of Thomas Lane Sr. in which Joseph Lane was given land on Lawne's Creek, Southwark Park), (he moved to Isle of Wight before 1696- his wife was Jellion ____); 1696 Thomas Lane Sr, Thomas Lane Jr, William Lane, Jus Lane; 1702, Thomas Lane Sr, Thomas Lane Jr, Richard Lane, Robert Lane, Joseph Lane, Abraham Lane.
" "Virginia Colonial Militia", by Crozier, page 103 lists: Surry County Militai 1687, William and Mary's Magazine, 1687, Thomas Lane Sr and Thomas Lane Jr.
English Duplicates of Lost Virginia Records by Cognets, page 270: Lt Thos Lane, Surry Co., in Field Office of Henry Tooker, became a Major on 17 June 1703.
"Surry County, Virginia Records by Elizabeth T. Davis, page 125: 1674 deed lease dated 22 Mar 1674 from Geo Corp and his wife, Gartrid, of Surry County, to planter, Thomas Lane, for 100 acres of land adjoining George Foster for 99 years", witnessed by Thomas Lane and Wm Edwards
"English Duplicates of Lost Virginia Records by Cogents, Quit Rent Rolls of 1704: Page 147, Benjamin Lane of Goucester Co., Abington Parish, 500 acres; page 147, Valentine Lane of Gloucester Co, 80 acres; page 191; Daniel Lane of Princess Ann Co, 350 acres; page 194, Robert Lane of Norfolk Co, patent April 1702, 460 acres; page 167, Thomas Lane of New Kent Co, 100 acres; page 212, Thomas Lane Sr of Surry Co, 200 acres; page 268, Thomas Lane Jr of Surry Co, 200 acres.
"Surry County, Virginia, WILLS- State Library, Virginia, Book 5, page 440: 1708, the Will of Thomas Lane of the County of Surry, dated 5 Jan 1708, probated 2 Jan 1709, a very short will- "Being in good health, etc., my land to be divided equally between my two sons Thomas and Joseph Lane and my said sons to be my executors, etc." _witness: William Holt, William Benson, Edward Petteway.
"Surry County Deed Book 5, page 37: Joseph Lane of the Isle of wight county sells to Thomas Lane of Surry County, 200 acres on 3 Sept 1710; Deed signed by Joseph Lane and Jelion Lane, his wife; witnessed by Thomas Hart and Mary Hart. (The land came from his father by last will and testament.)
"Surry County Deed Book 5, page 235: Thomas Lane Jr and wife, Jane, sold his father's place on 7 Mar 1709, and sold other land in 1715.
"Records of Surry County, Virginia, Book 3: 22 Mar 1701 Thomas Lane Jr and Jane Lane witnessed the will of Anne Foster, with his father Thomas Lane Sr. (Anne Foster was the wife of George Foster, whose land adjoined theirs.)
Bejamin Floyd Layne suggests that The Thomas Lane who came to VA in 1623 could be the father of Thomas Lane, however there is no documentation confirming that fact. However in the "General History of the Lanes of N.C. and Ga." Item found on Micro Film at the Family History Library in SLC., Utah, it states that a John Lane was the father of Thomas. See John Lane's notes.
More About THOMAS T LANE,SR.: Source: June 28, 2002, some of it.
"This old family," says Col. J. B. Hathaway of the Historical and Genealogical Register of Edenton, N. C., "is one of the most distinguished and influential of the early settlers of Virginia and North Carolina," It is said to be collaterally descended from Sir Raleigh (Ralph) Lane, who sailed from Plymouth, England, in a vessel fitted up by Sir Walter Raleigh in 1585, and who founded the colony of Roanoke, then a part of Virginia. . . . Captain Lane was a brace and daring young cavalier, the son of Sir Ralph Lane, of Orlinbury, whose wife, nee Parr, was a first cousin of Catherine Parr, the favored queen of Henry VIII. Lane was the first English governor in America and although the colony was broken up by the Croatan Indians, it is generally believed that some of them drifted into North Carolina and assisted greatly in building up the commonwealth of that state.
(General History of the Lanes, of North Carolina and Georgia. Page 619. Historical Collections of the Joseph Habersham Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution. Vol 11. 1902.)
The Columbia Encyclopedia gives this account of Sir Ralph Lane in America: "Sir Ralph Lane, c. 1530-1603, leader of the colony of Sir Walter Raleigh, numbering 107 persons, which remained on Roanoke Island, from the summer of 1585 to the summer of 1586, when Sir Frances Drake appeared with his fleet and transported them back to England. Lane was favorable impressed with the country, but he wished to move to Chesapeake Bay, which he believed was a better site. Circumstances prevented this. He wrote an account published in Hakluyt, "The Principal Navigations of the English Nation."
What the 'circumstances' were, we do not know. That there was a definite connection between this Sir Ralph lane and the Thomas Lane of Surry County, Virginia, has not been proven to the complete satisfaction of all who have made a genealogical study of the line. Some, however, do believe our Lanes are lineal descendents of Sir Ralph Lane of Orlinbury, England. Thomas Lane was born in Surry County, Virginia, in 1634, and is the first proven ancestor of our Lane family of staunch American patriots whose descendents are now scattered throughout the entire United States. (General History of the Lanes of Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, Texas, 1961-1965, unpublished. Merle Kingsbery Woodward) Page 619. Historical Collections of the Joseph Habersham Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution. Vol 11. 1902.) (file sent by Bob Lilley on 9/21/01--see LaneThosDesc)
Thomas signed a marriage contract which provided that he should pay her out of her father's estate 1000 lbs of tobacco for the plantation called "Sheepsheads" (Surry Bk. 1, pg 184). Baptized 1659 by Church Warden Thomas Lane. 1687 on Surry Co., VA militia list.
Will: 5 JAN 1707/08 Surry County, Virginia
Probate: 3 JAN 1708/09 Surry County, Virginia
In a land deed signed by his son Joseph Lane Sr., it states that "Deed from Joseph Lane and Julian, his wife of Isle of Wright County, Virginia,September 4, 1710, to Thomas Lane of Surrey County, 200 acres given me by my father in his last will and testament. Signed, Joseph Lane, Julian Lane, (sealed in red wax). Witnesses Thomas Hart, Mary Hart. Reference Surrey County Deed Book 5, page 37. Can be found on Microfilm at the Family History Center called "General History of the Lanes of North Carolina and Georgia".
see some descendants file at

More About Thomas Lane, Sr.:
Burial: Unknown, Surry Co., VA.

More About Thomas Lane, Sr. and Elizabeth Jones Shepherd:
Marriage: June 11, 1661, Surry Co., VA.

Children of Thomas Lane, Sr. and Elizabeth Jones Shepherd are:
i. +Joseph Lane, Sr., b. 1665, Jamestown, Surry Co., VA, d. 1758, Halifax, Edgecombe Co., NC. 
Lane, Thomas (Jo) (I1076)
2834 Will listed for Wm 1816 goochland Va. bk 22 pg 227 Mathews, William (I1610)
2835 Will names eldest son Nicholas, Ralph, Francis (who received three tenements in Thatcham called Baalls). No wife. Also daughter Joan was named in his father Nicholas's will Bushnell, Francis (I3961)
The 10th of Aprill 1641. In the name of God, I Christopher POTTER sick of body but of good and parfit remembrance, doe make my last will and testament in manner and forme followinge, first I bequeath my soule to Almighty God and my body to be buried in the chappell of Cleasby, Imprimis I give my lease at Cleasby, to my wife Isabell and my sonne Christopher to occupy together for the time to come of the lease, and my goods beinge praysed by fowre honest men, whatsoever they amount to besides my debts and legises payed, I will shall be equally devided amongst these, viz: my wife Isabell, my sonne Christopher, my daughter Dorrithe, my wifes daughter Allice, my wifes daughter Margaret, my sonne Cuthbart, my sonne John. For the doughters to have theire partes or portions within half a yeare after the marrage of any of them, or when they shall comme to thirty yeares of age, whether shall happen first ,and for tow of my sonnes Cuthbart, and John, to have their parts when they shall attaine to one and twentty yeares of aige and my wife Isabell, and my sonne Christopher to the goods as they are praysed and to pay the portions they fall dewe, and for the lease of the petty tithe of Cleasby, and the ground I farme of Mr. John Witham in Manfeeld and this lease at Cleasby, I give soly to my wife and my sonne Christopher, and whereas my doughter Mary who is married to William AYENSLEY and hath dad (sic] but twenty marks my will is that she have twenty a yeare payd for tow yeare next after my decease, to make her portion up forty pounds and if it fortune any of them dye before there portions comme dew, then that to be devided amongst all the rest of the survivors. And my house with the appurtinances in Darlington. I give to my sonne Christopher only and for the Supervisors of this my last will and testament I nominate Mr. Richard Nelson of Marton in the moore and Mr. John Cleasby of Cleasby and neither my wife nor my sonne Christopher to let or sett any part of the premises without the consent of the supervisors, and whatever dissemsion sha;; arise betwixt my wife and my sonne Christopher, my will is that they referre it, to the supervisors, and they to determen it. And I make wife Isabell and my sonne Christopher Potter, Executors of this my last will and testament and if it fortune my wife to marry before the expiration of my lease at Cleasby, then my will is that she have no more but the part or portion with the children, according to our agreement before marrage, and forasmuch as I have a ffarme in (Smitton] not yet Let ] of, my will is that it be occupied by my wife and my sonne Christopher in like manner as the farmes before resited. In witnesse whereof I have heareunto put my hand and seale the day and yeare above written postscriptum: ffurthermore my will is that my doughter Elizabeth's children shall have five ewes and lambes a peece within three months after my Decese to be chosen at the discretion of the prayser. Christopher (marke) Potter

In the presents of:
Nich: Spooner
John Cleasby
Phillip Hildreth
John Stephenson 
Potter, Christopher (I3938)
2837 Will of Francis Lea (Louisa County Will Book, 1, p. 82, April 6, 1765)"In the name of God - Amen the twenty sixth Day of April 1765 I Francis Lea of the County of Louisa and Parish of Fredericksville being very Sick and weak in Body but of perfect mind & memory thanks be given unto God Therefore Calling unto mind the Mortality of my Body and knowing that it was appointed for all men once to die, Do make and ordaine this My last will and Testament that is to say principally & first of all I give & recommend my Soul into hands of Almighty God that gave it and my Body I recommend to the Earth to be buried indecent Christian Burial at the Discretion of my Executors nothing doubting but at the general Resurrection Shall receive the same By the mighty Power of God and his Son Jesus Christ. And as touching Such worldly Estate wherewith it hath pleased God to bless me in this Life I give demise and dispose of the same in the following Manner and Form Imprimis it is my will that all my Just Debts be fully satisfied and paid Item I give and bequeath unto my Daughter Mary Tate & Robert Tate her Husband one negro Boy Named Ned and a Negro Girl named Hannah which said Negroes and their Increase after the Death of Said Mary & Robert Tate, is to be divided Equally between the Heirs of their Bodies lawfully begotten Item I give and bequeath unto my Daughter Eleanor Vaun Relict of Martin Vaun one Negro Boy named Moses and one Negro Girl named Judy during her Life and after her Decease to the Heirs of her Body lawfully begotten by the said Martin Vaun. Item I lend to my beloved wife Ann Lea all the remainder of my Estate real and personal for & during her Natural Life and after her Decease I give and bequeath all that Tract of Land whereon I now life to my Son John Lea to him & his Heirs forever lawfully and if he should die without lawfull heir to the nex survying of my Sons Wainsright & Gideon or to the Lawfully Heirs of Their Bodies. Item is my will and Desire that after the Death of my said wife my Estate Not already mentioned to be equally divided amongst Children John, Wainright, Gedion, Ann and Susannah, or as many of them as shall be then living. Item it is my will and Desire that if any of my Sons should died without Heir or before they should arive to the age of twenty one years then their Parts should be equally divided among my Surviving Sons. Item my Will & Desire is that if either of last mentioned Daughters Should die without Heir or before they Arive to the Age of twenty one Years then their Survivor Should possess her part. Item it is my Will and that my Negro Girl Sal who is a Natural Fool be maintained at the expense of my last mentioned children John, Wainright, Gedion, Ann and Susannah. Item I do further by this my last will and Testament Constitute appoint and ordain my beloved Wife Ann Lea and my Friend Thomas White of Spotsyvania County to be Executors of this my last Will and Testament. Item it is my Will & Desire that my Estate shall not be appraised nor sold and I do hereby utterly Disallow revoke and disannul all and every other former Testements wills Legacies Bequests by me in any Ways beforenamed. Willed and bequeathed ratifying and confirming this and no other to be my last will and Testament in Witness whereof I have hereunto Set my Hand and Seal the Day and Date above written.
Sign'd & Sealed ) interlin'd ) Francis Lea (Seal) In presence of us) before Signd)
William White her Ann C White mark 
Lea, Francis (I2827)
2838 Will probated Jan 1 1731 in Charles Co Maryland.

In the will of John Speake dated Dec 4 1731 and probated Jan 1 1732-1 in Charles Co he is described as an inn-holder and names his wife and others including his daughter Jane wife of edward Maddocke. 
Speake, John (I1695)
2839 Will Records of Barren County, Kentucky 1800-1824
Barren County Wills Book 2
OSPage: 20
Name: George Walters
Written: 30 October 1818 My children: Polly Blackmore, Ruth Pinter, Perlina, Patience, and Fleming Warren My wife, Sally My son in law, William Pinter Jacob Lock and Michael W. Hall, Counselors Witnesses: Robert McClenachan and W. M. Hall Probated: February 1819

There is a John Walter who might be somehow related?

There is a John Walter Private Sept 1,1812-Dec 25,1812 Muster roll of A Comp of Infantry Commended by Capt James Hall 3rd Regiment of Ky Malita. Maj Gen Sam Hopkins Vincenes Ind IT Fred W.S. Grayson Capt.
There is a Conrad Walter in Court of Quarter Sessions May 8, 1792 pg 272
refers to pag 176 Administration is granted toa Conrad Walters on the estate of Conrad Walters, dec'd and he executed his bond of 100 ounds with Philip Phillips his surety. Do NOT know if this is the right family. Same book as above says" On the motion of John R. Gaiather to obtain a judgment against William Oldham as Sheriff of Jefferson Co for the amount of an execution issued by said Gaither against Philip Walters whicdh was directed to the said sheriff. Deafendanat did not appear. Plaintiff to recover 2 pounds, 3 shilling, 6 pence, being the amount of the said execution with 5% interest from March 16,1789 and costs. March11,1791. In Hardin Co Ky 1830 Conrad, Andrew Walters and John Walters age 50-60. 3 John Walters in Wayne Co Ky 1830. In 1840 Hardin Co Ky James, conrad. Wm Andrew, John Jr and Wm and Josiah both 60-70 yrs.
Same book pg. 273... joseph Ashcraft, john Defevers Isaac Dye and one name illegible or any three of them to make appraisal on the estate of Conrad Walters, dec'd and report. May 8 1792. May have been a second Conrad as on the same date Patrick Brown Conrad Walter Joseph Kirkpatrick and Isaac Dye or any 3 of them to make appraisal of the personal property of the estate of John larue Dec'd and report.
There is a John listed in 1788 Nelson Co Va (Ky) Tithables Tax List Pg. 52 also a conrad Sr. and Conrad who had 1 and Ssr. 2 Whites taxable age John 0.
Cenard Walters listed pg 32 maybe ???1787 year listed.
also 1788 & 89.
Found in Nelson Co Ky Bonds, Marriage,and Consents pg. 116 John wlater & susannah, bond: 13 july 1791, Married 14 Sept 1791. sigen bond John Defee Sonsent filed with bond: Jediah Ashcraft, father of Susannah. married by Josiah Dodge from Miniter Return.
Also a listing of "John Waters to susanna Ashcraft Sept 14 1791. from Marriage Records for Nelson Co Ky 1785-1815.
There is a James Walters listed as member of Mt Tabor Baptish Church in Barren Co Ky. 1810. From history of Mt Tabor Baptist Church Barren Co Ky No wife listed. a George Waters and a Sally waters ( maybe misspelling?)listed. 
Walters, George (I264)
2840 William Bay-1807 Ohio - no parents so far - do have children.

Moved with his parents at about 5 yrs to Kentucy and then to Cincinnati then to Champaign Co. Ohio.”History of Champaign Co Ohio pg 595" . William Bay was an active member of the Methodist Eposcopal Church and officaiated as local minister the greater part of his life. He was not educated for this work but possessed fine abilities as a speaker and was more than ordinarily intellegent. A Methodist exhorter, (stirring speaker).
On 6-24,1815 he was elected a Justic of the Peace in Goshen Township, Ohio.

Wm Bay,was at one time a partner in the business " manufacture of whisky” in circa 1817 Goshen Township 4 miles south of Mechanicsburg Ohio.
Made bricks. Scotch Irish Ancestory.
Moved from Ohio to Indianapolis for 15 yrs.
In 1836 they all moved to McHenry Co Illinois & then McLean Co, Illinois.

1840 CENSUS Head of house McLean Co IlINOIS. WILLIAM enlisted in the militia during the WAR OF 1812.. He was a Spy in War of 1812. " At one time during the War of 1812 Squire Bay was sent out with a squad of men under the command of Capt Wood to watch the movements of the British and Indians near the Maumee River. During one night what they thought they saw a body of Indians, but it proved to be cattle. They were obliged to travel during the night and remain hidden during the day, but were passaed by Indians who came uncomfortably close to them. While they remained hid a snow fell about 2 inches deep, so that they could be tracked. Then they knew that they must return to the army with all speed, which they did, a distance of 35 miles. The Indians, who were following up the spies, came up about the time the latter reached the army. “ Bay said that on one of his expeditions he became very sick, so sick that he was crazy and was left to die, but was found & brought into camp on a sled. pg 167 Bay Bk.

After the War he was elected a Justice of the Peace in Goshen Township, Champaign Co Ohio .
1820 CENSUS as residing in Fox River White Ill also a John Lucas on the next page. No age given or info.

Indiana in 1824 near Indianapolis farmed, stayed 12 yrs with 5 new kids
In 1830 CENSUS of Marion Co Indiana shows Wm, sons Wm and Ansell and David & James and daughter Lucinda, Elizabeth, Margaret and wife Susannah.
In 1836 moved family to McLean Co Illinois where they remained.
Buried in old city cemetery Bloomington William fell Ill in Galesburg, Knox Co. Illinois while visitng his daughter and died.
Came to Bloomington early - 1823, early settlers of McClean Co.He purchased 240 acres built a log cabin Wm Lucas shown in

Seems so strange that they moved so often with a family of at least 5 children pllus 5 more later. 
Bay, William (I33)
2841 William Hendrix, who lives in Placerville, Eldorado County,
California. He has been there since 1850. NOT SURE IF THIS IS HIM found in History of Mclean Co section142 
Hendrix, Wm (I2599)
2842 William Hyde - was born about 1569 in Norbury, Cheshire, England and died in 1637 . He was the son of Robert Hyde and Beatrice Calverly.
William married Ellen Stubbs on 21 Jul 1609 in Prestbury,Cheshire,England. Ellen was born about 1573 in Norbury, Cheshire, England.
i. William Hyde was born in 1600 in Stockport, England and died on 6 Jan 1681 in Norwich, CT . See #16. below.
ii. Robert Hyde was born in 1604 in Denton, Lancashire, England. 
Hyde, William (I3864)
2843 William Portis married Polly Ward in RowanNorth Carolinain 30 may 1821
and Betsy How un mar 1821
and Lisina Downing oct 1850
Shows property in Clay, Jackson co ,Mo in 1838
William went through Tenn. to Missouri it is believed. Listed on the 1850 census for Platt Co., MO at age 70 and Anna age 60. All are believed to have travelled south with Ira Portis along with James Parnell Portis, who went on to GA and stayed before coming first to Hardeman Co., TN then Tippah Co.,MS. Ira went to AL with cousins Thomas Portis and Thomas' sister, Mary Portis who married John Davis on Oct 14 1819 in Clarke Co., AL. 
Portis, William (I1091)
2844 William serves in the Militia for 6 months relieving his brother Edward Dr. in the same area on the Wilderness Road, which period ends on July 1794, Serving with Willism are a James and Robert Birf, they are to become his brothers in law. William serves another 6 months ending Dec 21,1794 under command of Lt. David Logan, “Garrisoning the Block Houses”. After his service he is 20-21 and he begin to court a “small dark haired girl named MARY ANN BIRD, daughter of John Bird. The Bird family is living by the Dix River which is east of Loganville (Stanford). Their marriage bond was written June 1, 1796. William signed his own name.
In 1799 William applied for grants of land “South of the Green River” on Sinking Branch near Warpost Lick in Barren County. The land was surveyed Aug 27,1799. Williams tract was 200 acres and is the first of many parcels of land he is to own. He moves from Lincoln Co to Barren Co in 1799 with Mary his wife and 2 sons: John and James.
may have brother James
Shown in 1810 census Barren Co Ky
He owned at least 2 slavesin 1810 and 15 by 1830.

William and his wife MARY arrived in Barren Co the summer of 1799 along with Mary’s parents and two of her brothers John Jr. and James Bird and their famlies. they settle about 3 or 4 miles north of the present town of Glasgow just west of highway 90 between Carden and King Roads on “Sinking Branch”. This is near Warpost Lick and just NW of Mt Tabor church. A third son was born to them shortly, but he and a later son born in 1810 died within a few years.8sons and 2 daughters.
could write his name
Wm Sr. was a Lieutenant in the Barren Co 45 Regy of the Cornstalk Militia which was formed in Nov. 1799, amd 1802
On July 1,1804 Wm Sr. was appointed guaardian to Anny Chapman, daughter of Polly (Mary) Chapman dec. Anny was under the age of 18 but she married two weeks later to a John Butler and needed a guardians consent.

In 1810 Wm. Sr woned 2 slaves and 15 in 1830 .

Check MYTREES.COM a pay sight for William chapman with Edward and Srah 
Chapman Sr., William (I147)
2845 William Stone a proonounced Protestan as governor and he reconstructed the council so that the Protestants had a Majority. around 1639.

there is a listing of a JOHN STONEin 1694 Durham parish Church Charles Co Maryland as one of the Vestry of the church. 
Stone?, William ? (I4552)
2846 William was John executor in 1825
Settled in Fox River in 1809. Info from a Layton L Pace 310-379-5805
1104 Highland Ave. suite M Manhattan Beach Ca. 90266
1825 David, James & Matilda Lucas were given sister Dorcas Lucas as guardian from estate of John Lucas.
Under single men in Bloomington illinois in 1831 is a Johson Lucas no idea if they is ours? FHL History of MClean Co. pg 682.
There is a John Lucas in Randolph Co Indiana 1877.

On There is a marriage listing for Lucas, John H. & Letitia Rainey, 16 Sept 1864; Burgess Cox, bondsman; Obadiah Woodson, wit. and under it is one for LUCAS, William & Goodin Henricks, 5 Oct 1810; John Pickler, bondsman; Ezra Allemong, wit. for ROWAN MARRIAGES 1753-1868 pg. 250 
Lucas, John (I3495)
2847 William5 DALE, (Abraham4 DALE, Reuben3, Thomas2 DELLAWARE, Nicholas1 DALE) was born
about 1715 in Lancaster, Va, and married Frances PHILLIPS, daughter of Tobias PHILLIPS and
Hannah GOAD, who was born Mar 10, 1717/1718 in North Farnham Pr, Virginia, USA.  William
died in Jan 1758 in Richmond Co., Va.  Frances died in 1777 in Bedford Co., Va. 
Dale, William (I1193)
2848 With Griffith Family in 1880 in Salt Lick Penn. Lindsey, William (I839)
2849 witness baptizem 1806 Haushalter, Temperance (I1271)
2850 wittness for sisters Mildreds wedding. Poore, Jeanie (Jenny) (I2815)
2851 wittnessed by Milley Poor and ann Poore. Joseph Haden brother of Zachariah makes affadavit that Zachariah "is 21 years orf age or upwards." Pg. 10 Marriagers of Goochland 1733-1815 pg 35
There is a Anthony and Mary haden 1742 Nov Goochland land tranfer fromJoseph and Ann Watson. 
Poore, Elizabeth (I2955)
2852 Wm lived at home with his mother until he enlisted in the defense of the Stars and Stripes on April 1, 1861 becoming a member of Company B 5th Iowa Volunteer Infantry, know as the Jasper Grays> He found in battles Missionary Ridge, Vicksburg Shiloh and others.
21 when he enlisted in Comp B of the 5th Iowa Infantry on June 24 1861. Promoatede to 8th Corp on may 8 1862. wounded in head slighty in Vickburg Miss. 
Adamson, Willaim (I1543)
2853 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I5302)
2854 Woodstock, Windham,Connecticut Griggs, John (I2718)
2855 Woodworker: cabinetmaker: builder
Thomas Allen own land in Cha Md, the Old Brandford Enlarged or 654 acres on 2 may 1734 ref:E11/338:E15/53 - John abd James Allens in same county, sons of John Allen and wife Ellimore Lamberry of John and Ellen..
May have been in servant of John Peoples

Thomas Allen*BIOGRAPHY ref: bios0032.txt by John Peck (A Rhoda Allen descendant) Re: [John] Rhoda Allen (ABT 1742- to 24 Aug 1820) last update 09 Mar 2003.
From family oral history, Rhoda Allen's ancestor Thomas Allen [or Allin] was born in 1650 in Ulster Province, Antrim, Ireland. His wife was possibly named Sarah. Around 1690/92 he and his teenage son Robert Allen, born abt 1674, emigrated to Port Tobacco, in Charles County, MD, on the ship "Charles" Both were Indentured Cabinet Makers. Thomas may have shown up in the 1704 Rent Roll Census St. Peter & Paul of VA, but apparently died on 2 May 1733 in Charles Co., MD. Robert Allen may have married about 1699 into the McDonald clan in Chs Co., MD. Their 1st child Thomas was born about 1702 in Chs Co., MD, but probably about 1704 this family moved to land inVirginiaand was listed on the 1704 census, and also in a 1749 land sale in Southhampton Co., VA. Robert must have returned to Chs Co.,Marylandto die there about. 1775. Robert's son Thomas, a wood worker b about 1702, may have been a Captain inVirginiain 1724. He appears to possibly be the Thomas in the 1732MarylandProbate records, the 1734 Chs Co. Tax rolls, then back to Southhampton Land in VA. He is believed to have died in Strafford Co.,Virginiaabt 1770/1775
[John] Rhoda Allen, Thomas allen's son, was b about 1742 in Charles Co., Md. He reportedly had 4 brothers. He was said to have been a bonded servant but worked off his bond before getting married about 1765/69 to Mary Emily Ransom (b about 1744) of probably Strafford Co.,Virginiaacross the river from Charles County. He was a wood worker and Methodist minister circuit rider, as were many of his sons. He was a master cabinetmaker, which craft he also passed on to his sons. A son Theophilus was born 1770 and a daughter Mary Emily born 1773, both supposedly in Charles County, MD. Rhoda reportedly moved his young family across the Rappahannock into Stafford Co.,Virginianear Dumpries. Rhoda bought land in Edgecombe Co.,North Carolinain 1773. He served in the American Revolution in 1775 as a Private in NC. His son Nathan N.G. Allen was born in 1775 in Edgecombe Co, NC. An El Nino occurred from 1776 to 1778- yielding very cold weather during the Revolution. About 1790/93 he moved his family to Gallatin Co, TN. He is thus qualified for a First Family of Tennessee Certificate. He had moved to Sumner Co., TN by 1793 where he registered a brand, and on 8 Apr 1794 he had bought 70 acres from John Williams, and was on the Sumner tax list. The Allen family had 8 children: Theophilis (b1770), Mary Emily (b 1773), Nathan N.G. (b 1775), Sarah (b 1777), Elizabeth (b 1780), Henry Davis (b 1782), John Rhodam (b 1785) and George Wesley (b 1787.) Three El Ninos occurred from 1782 to 1790, each yielding weather lasting several years. Mary Ransom died c1790/1807.
In 1810 Rhoda married a 2nd time to Lucinda Overby (b 1770) in Sumner County, TN. They had 4 children: Margaret N. (b 1811), John Wesley (b 1813) and William S. (b 1815.) In 1815, the deadliest volcano eruption in recorded history had led to the "year without a summer" in the eastern U.S. Rhoda was on the 1817, 1818, 1819 Sumner Co. Tax rolls. About 1819, Rhoda Organized a wagon train of 41 families, along with William Maxey, husband of daughter Mary Emily Allen, Rhoda's son, Rev. (John) Rhodam Allen II, and migrated to Shiloh Twp., Jefferson Co., IL with Lucinda and their three minor children. By 1820 he had bought 160 acres in Jefferson Co, IL and was in the census as one of the first families in Jefferson County. He was reported to be a Constable and Abolitionist in the County. On 24 Aug 1820, Rhoda reportedly died of a heart attack at age 78 while carrying a twelve foot long log to be used on a building he was erecting. He was the first to be buried in the Old Union Church Cemetery of Jefferson County. In 1854 part of Rhoda's land that passed to son N.N.G. Allen at Cherokee County, Texas was sold by son NNG Allen and wife to John Maxey in IL. Rhoda allen and his 3 emigrant ancestors here may qualify for The Order of The First Family of Maryland for resident in Maryland prior to 4 July 1776.
SOURCE: From family oral history
Submitted by: John Peck
BIBLIOGRAPHY: Granville O. Allen, Our Allens: From Maryland to Muscle Shoals Via the Mid-West, Florence, Alabama, Private Publication, 1995; George, Teresa J. Oral Family History - Allen Family, Burlington, KS,66839; William Filby & Mary Mey, Passenger & Immigration Lists Index 1981; VAGenweb, Charles County Maryland Probate Records, Inventories, Book 1717-1735, at; Mormon LDS CD 3 and 43, Mormon LDS, POBox 417,Salt Lake City, UTAH 84150 at; Stiehler, Christian Allen ,N.N.G. Allen, on Allen Genforum, 20 Apr 2000; Spencer, Peg ,Robert Allen to Rhodam-Rhody Allen; Allen Genforum, September 17, 2001; Virginia/ U of Moncton, ,1704 - Census of VA, at; VAGenweb, ,Southampton County, Virginia Deed Book 1 - 1749 to 1753, at; Unknown webmaster, ,Robert Allen, at Thomas Allen; Combs & Families of St. Mary's County, Maryland 1700-1799, ,Maryland Probate Records, at; Charles County Maryland Genweb ,1734 Tax rolls of Charles Co, MD, at; Black, Virginia & also Bob Franks, Mantachie, MS 38855 ,Allen Family; Peden, Henry C. Jr , Marylanders to Kentucky, 1775 to 1825., Westminster, Md.: Family Line, 1991. (FHL Book 976.9 W2p; computer number 636856.), Family History Library Catalog at; Daughters of Revolution,DAR Patriot Index, Centennial Edition; U.S. Gov't records, Bounty land 80 ac Military papers - from U.S. Gov't, U.S. Gov't, 25 Mar 1852, Warrant #81496; Nacogdoches County, TX ,1854 Handwritten IL deed (inherited land from Rhoda Allen) of Nathan N G Allen & wife Margaret [Quin] - heirship sold to John Maxey in IL;North CarolinaState, Rhoda Allen Revolutionary War Pay Vouchers: Request Received 9-17-1999, Dept. of Cultural Resources: Div of Archives and History.109 E. Jones, St, Raleigh, NC; par East Tennessee Historical Society, First Families of Tennessee Certificate # 12519, 03 Jun 1999; Sumner Co Genweb1793 Sumner Co, TN Stock Marks & Brands; Sumner County Clerk 1794 Land sale to Rhoda Allen in Sumner Co, TN; Sumner Co., TN Genweb 1794 Sumner Co., TN Tax List; Betty (ID *****6227) on Allen Genforum Talitha Allen daug. Nathan Allen/Celia Bloodworth May 27, 2002; Genweb Jefferson Co., IL 1821 Jefferson County Census at; A List of the Agnatic Descendants of some Early Irish Immigrant ALLENs: Other Allens from Ulster via Virginia at; Maxey Family, Maxey Family; Itawamba Genealogy Society, MS, PO Box 7, Mantachie, MS 38855, 1796/1832 Bible of Family - Nathan Nelson Graves Allen & Celia Bloodworth - Front pages only; Shy, L.B. Allen: Oral Family History & Analysis Seal Beach, CA 90740-4654; U.S. Weather & Social Events, at & 
Allen, Thomas (I892)
2856 Worked at Tike Decious Ford and United California Bank

The name "Crosby" is Danish in origin, and means
"Town of the Cross." The termination "by" is from the
Danish "burg". 
Crosby, Hazel Irene (I4)
2857 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I183)
2858 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I2393)
2859 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I4308)
2860 wounded at Deerfield March 1704 Chapin, Ebenezer (I1591)
2861 Wounded in Battle of Gettysburg, taken prisoner in Andersonville Prison, later release, died at Brown's Bluff Kern, Peter (I2074)
2862 Wove blankets for John’s brothers (2) that were in civil war, both died.

Witness at marriage Chaarles T. Pedigo, Isham D Oldham Richard M Crabb,father William Oldham.

Kentucky Marriages 1785-1979 is where I found their date. 
Crabb, Sarah Elizabeth (I86)
2863 WOW, data all over the place on this one and all different.

John Robinson, the first of the Robinson family in Virginia of whom we have any account, came from Cleasby, Yorkshire, England, about the middle of the seventeenth century. He married Elizabeth Potter, of Cleasby, daughter of Christopher Potter, and settled in York county, Virginia, in what was then called Charles River parish. John Robinson received 300 acres of land in Lancaster county, Virginia, April 4, 1653, and later grants of several thousand acres in York, Lancaster and Gloucester counties, Virginia. He died March 1, 1688, in New Charles parish, York county, Virginia, and left surviving issue. 
Robinson, John (I3906)
2864 Write to : MRS CONNIE SHERRILL BOX 32 136 OAK ST. STRONG AR. 71765 she is the Historian or was in 2003 of the Callaway Family Association Journal which I found in the fort Wayne Ind. Allen Library. Check to see if this is my line????
There is a Zachariah Callaway 1750 Sussex Co Del. lived in Maryland 1776 died in 1816 Monroe Co W. Va

CALLAWAY: Zachariah (d. 1816) (Ellender) had a blockhouse on Trigger Run near Peterstown. C: Andrew, Margaret, Nancy, Patty, Polly (?James Ellison, 1796c), Sarah, Joshua (Rebecca Campbell, 1808, ?Nancy Roads, 1813), James, Priscilla (Delaney Swinney, 1806), Elizabeth (Ephraim Simmons, 1802), Charles (Ellen Garten, 1812). Richard may have been in this locality in 1775. He was a resident of Fincastle, which then included the southern extremity of Monroe. [pgs. 298-333, Chapter XXXIV, "History of Monroe County", by Oren Frederick, 1916 - Sub. By Andrea S. Pack]

History of Callaway Family National Number 413027
Zachariah Callaway born in 1756 married Ellender Boyd, there children were: Andrew, Margaret, Nancy, Polly, Ellender, Sarah, Joshua, James, Priscilla, Elizabeth and Charles C. Joshua was born in Augusta Co., VA, married first, Rebecca Campbell 1808. Second wife, Nancy Roods in 1813. Priscilla married Delaney Swinney in 1806, Elizabeth married Ephraim Simmons in 1802, Charles married Ellen Garten in 1812; Garten Callaway son of Charles C. had eight children, who were as follows:

Descendants of Zachariah Calloway of Monroe Co., West Virginia
Generation No. 1
1. ZACHARIAH4 CALLOWAY (WILLIAM3 CALLAWAY, WILLIAM2, PETER1) was born 1747 in Delaware, and died 1816 in Petersbury, Monroe Co., WVA. He married ELLENDER BOYD Abt. 1775 in VA. She was born 1760, and died July 04, 1840 in Monroe Co., W VA.
Stories told by Margaret Jane Callaway Izzard
Zachariah Callaway had faith in the honesty of his slaves. He refused to believe his family when they told him his slaves were stealing from him. He made his will stipulating that at his death his slaves were to be freed and provided for. When he was on his death bed, his children to his son lifted him up so he could look out the window. The old slave was walking out of the smoke house with a ham on his shoulder. Zachariah called for his will and tore it up.
Griffeth Garten owned property and slaves, when the south ceceded (sic) from the Union he did not side with them. He sold his property, freed his slaves, gave each of them some land and his name. He moved to Indiana and became a Republican.
Story about Daniel Boone taken from his life....
Capt. Richard Callaway and Daniel Boone were fast friends. A band of Indians captured Elizabeth and Frances Callaway, daughters of Richard, and a daughter or sister of Boone. Boone organized a posse. They trailed the Indians, killed them while they were asleep and rescued the girls who were tied to a tree. Flanders, brother of the Callaway girls, married Jemima, the Boone girl a few months later.
History of Callaway Family National Number 413027
Zachariah Callaway born in 1756 married Ellender Boyd, there children were: Andrew, Margaret, Nancy, Polly, Ellender, Sarah, Joshua, James, Priscilla, Elizabeth and Charles C. Joshua was born in Augusta Co., VA, married first, Rebecca Campbell 1808. Second wife, Nancy Roods in 1813. Priscilla married Delaney Swinney in 1806, Elizabeth married Ephraim Simmons in 1802, Charles married Ellen Garten in 1812; Garten Callaway son of Charles C. had eight children, who were as follows:
Rebecca born 3/21/11846; Nancy Jane born 2/16/1848, Cintha Ellen born 11/2/1850, John born 1/4/1852, Charles L. born 10/10/1854; Schuiler C. born 3/7/1857, Lucy M. born 2/14/1860;
James Callaway born 4/22/1822 son of Charles and Ellen Garten Callaway, died 3/18/1888. Fulton Co., Indiana. married Deborah Bacon, 2/28/2858. Their children were James C. Callaway, Chole Ann, Asa, Frank, Loral, Rebecca, and Howard.
Clerks office, Fulton Co., Indiana. Dated January 1866; box # 674-531 Final Report 4/22/1868 B. 321. Box contains sworn affidavit that Charles Callaway died 11-1865-that he James would administrator said estate and filed this probably estimate of $400.00. December 1865. In final report of settlement of estate dated 4-20-1868 sworn to by notary public, heirs of Charles Callaway were listed as follows: children, Garten, Hiley Abbott, Margaret Issard, James, Mary Ann Wetz, Nancy E. Snepp, Charles A., Mrs Wheeldon (nee Callaway), Mrs. Newton Sweeney (nee Callaway), Mrs. Serena Callaway Horton.
War service of Zachariah Callaway
From Augusta Co., Va. record by Chalkey Vol. 1 page 393, also Vol. l2 page 424
"Zachariah Callaway served in Valentine White's Second Battalion of Augusta Co., VA. This service rendered prior to the year 1784 at which time court records show that he removed to the New River Country.
Zachariah Callaway is the ancestor who assisted in establishing American Independence while acting in the capacity of soldier.
Verified by National Number # 284900
Subscribed and sworn to at Williston, North Dakota, May 12, 1942 Eugene A. Burdick Notary Public, Williston Co., North Dakota. ( A member of the Callaway family joined the DAR at Williston).
Copy of reference continued
Zachariah Callaway took up 200 acres of land in 1793 in what is now known as Greenbriar Co., WVA. page 309, State West VA. ( see B 3-44 County Land Grant Records.) History of Monroe Co., WVA.
Zachariah Callaway died in 1816, leaving his wife, Ellender, who had a blockhouse on Trigger Run near Petersbury. This same history gave the names of their children as presented on previous page. You may refer to it as authority. ( Marion O'Keefe; D.A.R Williston, North Dakota)
# 333690 National Number.
Will of Zachariah Callaway Monroe County, West Virginia
Will Book No. 1 Page 365
I, Zachariah Callaway of Monroe County and State of Virginia do hereby make this my last will and testament in manner and form following that is to say:
1stly, I desire that all the perishable part of my estate be immediately sold after my decease and out of the money arising there from all my just debts and funeral charges be paid.
2ndly: after the payment of my debts and funeral expenses I give my wife Ellender one third part of my estate both real and personal for and during the term of her natural life and after her decease I give the same to my children herein mentioned ( her part of my land whereon I know live excepted) equally to be divided amongst them ( my son Andrew except) and to be enjoyed by them forever.
3rdly: I give to my son Andrew the tract of land or plantation where on I now live in the county of Monroe containing 200 acres to him and to his heirs forever, also my wife Ellender's third part of the same at her decease to him and his heirs forever.
4thly, I desire that my land on the north side of Peters Mountain in said county and adjoining the land of Jacob Peck be sold and the moneys arising there from as also all the moneys arising from the sales of all my other personal property--say horses, cattle, sheep, hogs, etc. together with all my household and farming utensils and tools of every kind also my wife (') third part of my perishable property after her decease all said moneys to be equally divided among my other children to wit: Peggy, Nancy, Patty, Polly, Sally, Joshua, James, Priscilla, Betsy, and Charles.
5thly: All the rest of my estate both real and personal of what nature or kind so ever it my be not be here in before particularly disposed of, and the money divided equally among my children herein before mentioned which I give them their heirs executors, administrators and assign forever ( Andrew excepted).
6thly: and lastly I do hereby constitute and appoint my sons James Callaway and Andrew Callaway executors of this my last will and testament hereby revoking all other wills or testaments by me heretofore made.
In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affix my seal this 7th day of March 1815.
Zachariah XX Callaway
Signed, sealed and published and declared as and for the last will and testament of the above named Zachariah Callaway in presence of us. the above comes from a site on Zachariah Callaway -Excerpt: Descendant of Zachariah Callawy of Monroe Co West Virginia Generation NO 1.1 ZACHARIAH4 CALLAWAY (WILLIAM3 CA;LLAWAY

CALLAWAY zachariah (d.1816) ELLENDER had a blockhouse on TRIGGER RUN near Peterstown. C. Andrew, Margaret, Nancy,Patty, Polly (?James Ellison 1796c) Sarah, Joshua, (Rebecca Campbell 1808, ?Nancy roads, 1813) James, Priscilla (Delaney Swinney 1806), Elizabeth (EPHRAIM SIMMONS 1802,) Charles ( Ellen Garten, 1812). Richard may have been in this locality in 1775. He was a resident of Fincastle, which then included the southern extremity of Monroe. author a Patsy Henline

Zachariah Callaway born 1756 Deleware died 19 Nov 1816 Monroe Co Amherst Virginia; parents William Jr Callaway 1715-1784 and Margaret Moore 1715-1760: children Sarah sally, Nancy, Martha Patsy, Mary Polly and Joshua Moses callaway. CALLAWAY, ZACHERIAH.B 1756 DELWAARE DIED 1816 MONROE CO VA. M ELLENDER BOYD. Service: from Augusta County Va. records by Chalkey Vol 1 pg 393 and Vol 2 pg 424. Zacheriah Callaway served in Valentine White"s second battalion of Augusta Co Va. Service was rendered prior to the year 1784 at which time court records show that he had removed to the New river Country. He assisted in establishing American Independence while acting in the capacity of soldier. Verified by Nat. No 2849000. 
Callaway (Galaway ), Zachariah (I981)
2865 Wrong birth or not their mother
and wife 
Bishop, Sarah (I92)
2866 wrote will Jan 29, 1657
Another possible wife is Barnard,Hannah b 1684 married 1715 John Marsh and d. Sept 31,1716. Her parent Samuel Capt son of Rancis Francis one of first settlers of hadley b. 1617 d. 1698 married a Hannah Merrill or Meruil or Marvin. Marriede secon time Frances widow of John Dicinson and dau of nathaniel Foote. children tome, Sam Joe hannah. ????? 
Grace (I1907)
2867 Youngest son and lived on Indian Creek
William M and George live in splringfield twsp
John and James died in war of the Unions 
Kern, Joshua (I1157)
2868 Zachariah HADEN9,40,41,42,43 was born before 1738. He died in 1792 at the age of 54 in Goochland County, Virginia.44
Zachariah is said to have been born 1733. I doubt this given his marriage in 1763. I believe he was the youngest son, probably not born until later - but he was surely born before 1738 since he purchased land in Rowan Co in 1759 and would have had to be 21 at that time.

There is in the Rowan County, NC Deed Abstracts [Rowan DB 10 :181] Zachariah Haden of Goochland County, VA. He sold on 26 Oct 1784 to Richmond Pearson for 350£ land on sw side of Yadkin River adj McCulloh, William Giles, Phillip Williams, being 1/2 tract granted by Granville to William Giles containing 529 acres dated 8 Nov 1757, who sold it to Haden 24 May 1759. Wit: Obadiah Smith & Sarjint Hewes prvd by Obadiah Smith May Ct 1785.
DB 4: 67 8 Nov 1757 Granville to William Giles for 10 sh sterl, 529 A on s.w. side Yadkin River . Wit: W. Churton & Willis Ellis. Prvd Jan court 1759.
DB 4: 195 12 Oct 1759 William Giles & wf Mary to Philip Williams, labourer, for -L 10 proc, 529 A on s.w. side Yadkin River. Wit: Jas. Carter & David Houston. Prvd Oct Court 1759. [I wonder if reading the original deed would show that only 1/2 had been sold to Philip Williams?]
Abstracts of Land Entries: Rowan Co NC Dec 1778 - Feb 1795
Dr. A. B. Pruitt, 1987
#2487 21 Feb 1780 Obediah Smith enters 640a in Rowan, S side of Yadkin. Borders Philip Williams deeded land, now Zachariah Haiden's and John Arrowood's improvement
Abstracts of Minutes of the Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions, Rowan Co 1775-1789
Vol. III
Jo White Linn 1982
p.62 12 Feb 1780
Deeds Proved. Phillip Williams to Zach Haden prvd by John Braly
p.129 7 May 1785 Deeds Prvd
Zachariah Haiden to Richmd Pierson, moiety of 529A 6 Oct 1784 Prvd by Oediah Smith

Marriage Jan 27 1763 Elizabeth Poor and Zachariah Haden Goochland Va..

Will of Edward Rice from Goochland Co Deed Book 10, p.67-68: Edward Rice mentions a parcel of land that adjoins Mr. Zachariah Haden's line, given to his son Edward, that he wants sold to meet his debts. 1 May 1769.
Goochland Co VA DB 10, p.236
18 Jul 1772 Edmund Hodges to Zachariah Haden. 320£. 665 A. Benjamin Crenshaws line on Lickinghole Crk, on Valentine Wood, William Rutherfords line, John Catons line, Archer Steatons line, Callam Bailey's line, Benjamin Crenshaw's line. Signed: Edmund (X) Hodges. Wid: Robert Birkmyre, Saml. Cosby, John Hodges, Alexr. Murray. Ack 20 Jul 1772 Wife relinquished.

7 Oct 1774
Zachariah Haden and Elizabeth his wife of Goochland to John Hopkins of said County. For 120£ a tract of land containing 250 acres "in the county of Goochland on the Great Byrd Creek, being formerly purchased by Anthony Haden, in two separate parcels, the one of Thomas Stone Containing two hundred Acres, and the other of Edward Rice Containing Fifty Acres Both granted to the said Anthony by Indentures of Bargain and sale Recorded in Goochland Court and by the said Anthony Devised to his son Zachariah Haden, the present Granter thereof" Begin at Spanish oak on Byrd Creek, on said Edward Rice, line of markt trees in said Hopkins line, on Obediah Daniel, corner red oak on Byrd Creek, down the Byrd according to its meanders. Signed: Zachariah Haden, Elizabeth Haden. Zachariah & Elizabeth ack. and she relinquished dower 17 Oct 1774.
Virginia Gazette, 24 May 1776; p.4, col. 1 [Colonial Williamsburg website]
For SALE and to be entered on at Christmas next,
SIX hundred and sixty five acres of land in Goochland county, on the waters of Lickinhole creek, about a mile from Rutherford's ordinary, exceeding food for ____ tobacco and grain of all kind; but as the soil on this water course is so well known, a farther description would be needless. There is a plantation thereon sufficient to work seven or eight hands to advantage, a convenient dwelling and other out houses, all lately built, and tolerable good orchards. My price is four hundred pounds, payable in negroes and horses. Any person inclinable to treat for the same will please to apply to me, on the premises. ZACHARIAH HADEN

25 Dec 1779. ZachariahHaden is Surety for marriage of William Bowman and Mary Causby. Wit: Ellison Clarke and Peter Clarke. William, 21 on Jul 30 1776 of Chesterfield County is son of Joseph Bowman.

Goochland DB 14
9 Oct 1786 Archer Payne & Martha his wife to Zachariah Haden, all of Goochland Co. Sum of 250£ paid by Zachariah Haden. Archer & Martha Payne have a right to dispose of this tract under the will of her deceased father, lying both sides of three chopt road and is the land on which William Groom and Sarah Thomas did dwell and is bounded by the lines of John Lawrence, Drury Hatcher, Wm. Towler, William Rutherford, John Slayden & William Isbell, according to well known and established boundaries, containing 260 acres.
Signed: Arch. Payne, Martha Payne
Wit: J. Winston, Robert Haden, Anne S. Payne
15 Apr 1787 Acknowledged in open court by Archer Payne and ordered recorded.
Goochland DB 15
Goochland County Court Dec 1787
Petition of Benj. Crenshaw, Zachariah Haden, Wm Isbill, John Henderson & Callam Bailey or any three are appointed to view way on which the said Crenshaw purposes to turn his road & report the same to the court. Signed: Wm Miller
We the subscribers in obedience to with have viewed the way Round Benj Chrenshaws fence to Mr. Woods mill and find that It be a made a better way than the old way it above two hundred yards further.
Feb. '88 Signed: Zachariah Haden, John Henderson, Callam Bailey
Court 18 Feb 1788 Report for turning the road round Benj Chrenshaws fence was returned and the road established agreeable thereto. Signed: Wm. Miller DC
Goochland DB 15, p.121
1 Jan 1788 Between Zachariah Haden and Robert Haden his son. In consideration of natural affection but more especially in consideration of the said Robert having undertaken to support and maintain the said Zacharish for and during his life as likewise provision for younger children agreeable to and is more particularly speciified in a bond executed from the said Robert to the said Zachariah of equal date. Sold to the said Robert all his lands lying in Goochland Co also the following Negroes, Jeffrey, Voilet, Bel, Peter, Isaac, Rowlen, Ned and Nance, Pey and Lyd and all his cattle, horses, hogs & household furniture.
Signed: Zach. Haden.
Wit: Benj. Crenshaw, Callom Bailey, John Henderson
19 Aug 1788 Deed was presented and Acknowledged by sd. Zachariah.

Will Jan. 14, 1782. Goochland County, VA. Probated Feb 20, 1792. Wife Elizabeth and son Robert, executors. Witnesees: Benjamin Crenshaw and Sarah Thomas. Named in will: Jesse, Susannah, Elizabeth, Robert. Provisions of Will: Jesse received all his father's land in Carolina; Susannah received 200 acres; Elizabeth received 200 acres; Robert received remaining land.
Goochland DB 16 [page numbers cut off by filming]
In the name of God Amen, I, Zachariah Haden of Goochland County being in a declinging state of Health and mindfull of the Uncertainty of this Transistory Life do think Propper to mke today this my Last Will and Testament in Manner & form Following. I lend to my Deare Wife Elizabeth Haden all the Estate both Real & personal Enduring her Life or widdowhood. But if she marrys my will & Devise is that it shall be in manner Hereafter mentioned. My Desire is that my Land that be disposed in manner and form ass following. I give and bequeath all my Land in Carolina to my son Jesse Haden, he and his Heirs for Ever. I likewise give and bequeath to my Daughter Susanna Haden two Hundred and fifty acres of Land begining at Woods line thence up the sd flagg branch to Bailey's Line. I likewise give and Bequeath to my Daughter, Elizabeth Haden, Two hundred acres adjoining the sd Susanna's Line with the sd Plantation on it. I likewise give and bequest to my son Robert Haden all the Rest of my Land. My desire is that six devided ......betwixt Susanna Haden and Elizabeth Haden ______ ?Lewy, Selah, they and extrs. forever. My desire is that my Two daughters Susanna Haden and Elizabeth Haden shall have one horse and saddle and one featherbed and furniture to each. Likewise to my son Jesse Haiden two featherbeds and furniture and all my stock of cattle Horses and Hoggs. My desire is that my son Robert Haden shall have all the rest of my personal estate. My desire further is that the income of my estate shall fall to my son Jesse Haden and last I constitute, Nominate and appoint my Beloved wife Elizabeth Haden and my son Robert Haden, Exctrs of this my last will and testament in witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed seal this 14 day of January one thousand Seven hundred and eighty three.
Signed: Zach. Haden
Signd Seald Publishd & Declared
in presence of us
David Powers, Sarah Thomas, Ben. Crenshaw, Sher'd Parrish
At a Court held for Goochland County the 20th day of February 1792 this writing was presented in Court and proved by the Oath of Sher'd Parrish to be the last Will and Testament of Zachariah Haden deceased which was continued for further proof. And on the motion of Robert Haden, Executor therein named [who made oath according to Law and gave Bond in penalty of two thousand pounds, probate thereof was granted him on due form with leave for the Executrix to come in hereafter.
Test. Wm. Miller, CGC
At a Court of Quarter Sessions held for Goochland Co at the Courthouse on Monday the 19th of March 1792 This writing was further and fully proved by oath of Benjamin Crenshaw….
At a Court 18 Jun 1792. Writing further and fully proved by Sarah Thomas.

Inventory on estate of Zachariah Haden dec'd, late of Goochland
Included 5 yearlings, 1 Steer, White face cow and calf, Show cattle-2 years old, 10 cows, 6 - three-year old cows, white horse, blaze face bay horse, sorrell mare, one race horse, 13 sheep, 8 lambs, 1 white sow, another white sow, black sow, 9 hogs, 3 hogs, 9 shoats, colt and bay mare, wagon, etc.
Slaves were man saac, man Jeffry, woman Dianah, girl Pall/Patt, girl Fanny, boy Lewy, boy Charles, woman Bell, boy Peter, girl Amy, woman Lydia, woman Violet
Slaves on next page - partially obscured; includes girl Frankey, girl Polly boy ?Dreo, and woman Nancy
Psalm book, Bible Testament
Looking glass
Total of 895 £ 6 shillings.
In pursuance of decree of the Court dated 21 Mar 1793, the following appriased the Estate of Zachariah Haden dec'd on 11 Apr 1793: Shad. Vaughan, Wm Miller, Humphrey Parish.
20 Aug 1793. Inventory returned and ordered recorded. Test. Wm. Miller, Clk

Zachariah HADEN and Elizabeth POOR were married on 27 January 1763 in Goochland County, Virginia.37,44,45 Elizabeth POOR, daughter of Thomas POOR and Elizabeth MOSELEY, was born in 1742 in Goochland County, Virginia.1,3 She died in 1804 at the age of 62 in Goochland County, Virginia.1
Elizabeth was the daughter of Thomas Poor. Surety for her marriage was Obadiah Daniel (brother-in-law to be). Wit: Milley Poor and Ann Poor. Joseph Haden makes affadavit that Zachariah is "21 years of age or upwards" Douglas says: "both of this parish"
Elizabeth Haden was named as one of the children and distributees of the final settlement of Thomas Poor, 1798.
1802 Goochland Co VA Personal Property Tax List
Elizabeth Haden, no white males in her household, 3 slaves over 16, 1 slave 12-16, 2 horses

Zachariah HADEN and Elizabeth POOR had the following children:
found on line FamilyTreeMaker 2012 
Haden, Zachariah (I854)
2869 [S5352860279] History of Madison County 1879, A - C.
Bennett, Jacob, Madison twp.; farmer, Sec. 35; P.O. Winterset; owns 1,000 acres of land;
Mr. Bennett is one of the earliest settlers in Madison county; was born in Fayette county,
Pennsylvania in 1796; came to Cincinnati, Ohio in 1806 when it was no larger that Earlham
is now; stayed in Cincinnati three years, and then moved to Hamilton, Ohio, the back to
Pennsylvania, then to Indiana, within seven miles of Indianapolis; lived there for twenty-
one years; then came to Madison county in 1852; he married in 1821 to Miss L. Schaffer,
of Pennsylvania; has a large family of children, twelve of which are living; when Mr.
Bennett came to his present home, his nearest neighbor was eight miles distant; he built
the first school-house in the township and gave it to the district; was in the war of
1812; he hauled the lumber for his house from Ft. Madison; is still a hale, jolly old
man, whom it is a pleasure to talk with. 
Bennett, Jacob (I3225)
2870 UNNAMED (I399)
2871 1. Mary Moss, born in Wallingford, Jan. 7, 1677.
2. Esther Moss, born in Wallingford, Jan. 5, 1678.
3. Samuel Moss, born Nov. 18, 1680, and married Dec. 15, 1703, Susannah, daughter of -------- Hall. He became a prominent man of his town, and a deacon in the church.They had nine children: Theophilus, Martha, Susannah, Samuel, Esther, Isaac, Sarah, Isaiah, and Bethiah.
4. John Moss, born Nov. 10, 1682, and married Feb. 25, 1708, Elizabeth Hall. Children: Hannah, Elizabeth, Samuel, Joseph, Mary, John, Levi, Eunice, and Thankful.
5. Martha Moss, born Dec. 22, 1684.
6. Solomon Moss, born July 9, 1690, and married Jan. 28, 1714, (1) Ruth Peck, and (2) Sarah--------. By his first wife he had nine children, and by his second three: Martha, Susannah, Daniel, Abigail, Solomon, Ruth, Martha, Abigail, Lois, Jonathan, and Sarah.
7. Isaac Moss, born July 6, 1692, and married May 2, 1717, Hannah Royce. Their children were Herman, Hannah, Orzell, Jesse, Elihu, and Mehetable.
8. Mary Moss, born July 23, 1694, and married June 28, 1714, Solomon Munson, and had three children : Martha, Samuel, and Elizabeth. Afterward he married June 14, 1753, Sarah Peck, by whom he also had three.
9. Israel Moss, born Dec. 31, 1690, and married Lydia --------, and had seven children: Nathaniel, Isaiah, Lydia, Sarah, Kiriah, Asahel, and Keziah.
10. Benjamin Moss, born Feb. 10, 1702, and married Abigail --------, and had eight children: Abigail, Benjamin, Barnabas, Timothy, Abigail, Joseph, Martha, and Eunice. 
Lothrop, Martha (I1548)
2872 Note, 1684. 3 4 Excerpt from "The Demoss Family in America" c. 1952 by Edith Susanna
(Demoss) Caughron, Mrs. G. L. Neodesha, Kansas

LOUIS DEMOSS II was b. in Holland in 1684. Louis came to America with brother Charles as stowaways on a ship. Charles DeMoss was killed by indians, being unabelto escape because of injuries received before he came over. One tradition says that Charles died unmarried, another has it that he left a family of small children. Brother, Louis, (our connection) married the daughter of a Virginia planter (unkn last name) and raised a large family.

Count Louis Demoss, a Huguenot of a noble and wealthy Protestant family, fled from Paris, France, in October 1685, and settled in Holland. He had sons Louis and Charles.

The above is largely traditions and suppositions. With the next generation, the Demoss Family History begins, substantiated by recognized documents.

Louis Demoss III (Jr., Junr., et., in Land Records), spelled his name "Loie Dumas" when signing his name to his WILL in which he spelled the name of this children "Demos".

He may have come to Old Baltimore Co. (now Harford Co. since about 1744), Maryland, as early as 1700; but the first known of him definitely there is in 1715, when his oldest son, Lewis, was born or baptized (Parish records). Harford Co. is on the north line of Maryland, just west of the Susquehanna River, with the Susquehanna River the only barrier. This is immediately south of York Co., Pennsylvania, and corners with Lancaster Co.,PennsylvaniaHarford Co. was set out of Old Baltimore Co. about 1744. He was born probably in Holland, married Catherine, died about 1744. Berkeley Co., VA. (now West Virginia), his Will dated June 17, 1743. In 1752, Final Probate of Will by Thomas Cresap, son Charles being then of age 21. Burial place unknown. 
de Dumas, Count Louis (I2510)

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