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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 father  Virginia I3807 Poore Maddox 
2 Martha( Patsy)  Abt 1790Virginia I1601 Poore Maddox 
3 Willie  Virginia I2583 Poore Maddox 
4 Armistead, Mary  1645Virginia I3890 Polen Crosby 
5 Bell, Elizabeth  1705Virginia I1231 Polen Crosby 
6 Bishop, Sarah  20 Oct 1740Virginia I92 Poore Maddox 
7 Booth, Elizabeth  1762Virginia I3819 Poore Maddox 
8 Brown, Susanna (Susan)  1808Virginia I578 Poore Maddox 
9 Clark, Benjamin  1700Virginia I4362 Polen Crosby 
10 Clark, Christopher  1703Virginia I4365 Polen Crosby 
11 Davis, Sarah  1808Virginia I3532 Polen Crosby 
12 DeMoss, Abraham Louis  Oct 1753Virginia I2503 Polen Crosby 
13 Depew, Jacob  1765Virginia I5181 Poore Maddox 
14 Diggs, Lucy  1789Virginia I5173 Poore Maddox 
15 Dilly, George  Virginia I2582 Poore Maddox 
16 Drake, Lt. James Drake  Abt 1740Virginia I3922 Poore Maddox 
17 Ellyson, Hannah  1654Virginia I3912 Polen Crosby 
18 Exum, Christian  1692Virginia I2440 Polen Crosby 
19 Exum, Richard  1600Virginia I2434 Polen Crosby 
20 Gregg, Lucy  1702Virginia I3739 Poore Maddox 
21 Harrison, Mary  1727Virginia I4224 Polen Crosby 
22 Herndon, Sarah  Abt 1806Virginia I582 Poore Maddox 
23 Jewell, Levi  1803Virginia I5415 Poore Maddox 
24 Jewell, Mahala  31 Aug 1816Virginia I100 Poore Maddox 
25 Jewell1, Seth  1774virginia I4272 Poore Maddox 
26 Jones, David Clark  1 Aug 1812Virginia I365 Polen Crosby 
27 Jones, James Keith  14 Aug 1816Virginia I366 Polen Crosby 
28 Jones, William Anderson  10 May 1810Virginia I364 Polen Crosby 
29 Jones, William JR.  1780Virginia I359 Polen Crosby 
30 Keith, Elizabeth  29 Jul 1790Virginia I929 Polen Crosby 
31 Keith, Prudence  2 Mar 1784Virginia I32 Polen Crosby 
32 Lemen, Blanche  Abt 1737Virginia I4524 Poore Maddox 
33 Lindsay, Nancy  1794Virginia I1367 Poore Maddox 
34 Lindsey, Jennie (Jane)  1780/90Virginia I26 Poore Maddox 
35 Lindsey Watson, Nancy  1794Virginia I1363 Poore Maddox 
36 Locke, Rev. Jacob  1768Virginia I596 Poore Maddox 
37 Lucas, Annabell  1844Virginia I244 Poore Maddox 
38 Lynch, Susan  1820Virginia I796 Polen Crosby 
39 Morehead, Winiford (Winneford)  19 Nov 1774Virginia I291 Poore Maddox 
40 Oldham, Bishop  5 Mar 1814 or 1779?Virginia I834 Poore Maddox 
41 Oldham, Charles  1723Virginia I91 Poore Maddox 
42 Peake, Anne  1762Virginia I94 Poore Maddox 
43 Peake, Mary  1763Virginia I3717 Poore Maddox 
44 Pellip, Edward  1799Virginia I4502 Poore Maddox 
45 Poland, Samuel  1774Virginia I133 Polen Crosby 
46 Poore, James Edward  Abt 1844Virginia I4511 Poore Maddox 
47 Poore, James Jimmie  1797Virginia I3127 Poore Maddox 
48 Poore, John W.  1810?Virginia I2844 Poore Maddox 
49 Posey, William  1759Virginia I4927 Poore Maddox 
50 Posey III, Captain John  1711Virginia I3147 Poore Maddox 
51 Posey III, Thomas  1750Virginia I4923 Poore Maddox 
52 Read (Reid), Judy(Judith)  29 Jun 1793VIrginia I200 Poore Maddox 
53 Reed, John R.  Virginia I4386 Poore Maddox 
54 Richardson, Betty  1747Virginia I1035 Polen Crosby 
55 Shirley, Elizabeth  Virginia I469 Poore Maddox 
56 Skinner, Nanacy  1756Virginia I2516 Poore Maddox 
57 Tapscott(Tapscote), Elizabeth B.  Abt 1808Virginia I580 Poore Maddox 
58 Taylor, William  1768Virginia I4530 Poore Maddox 
59 Walters, Parmenas  Virginia I4071 Poore Maddox 
60 Wilkerson, Phoebe  Virginia I1905 Polen Crosby 
61 Wilkerson, Richard  ~1747Virginia I1034 Polen Crosby 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 (Pew) Pugh, William  1759Virginia I1003 Poore Maddox 
2 Armistead, Francis  25 May 1685Virginia I3888 Polen Crosby 
3 Atkinson, Elizabeth  Virginia I2433 Polen Crosby 
4 Bay, Thomas  1745/49Virginia I414 Poore Maddox 
5 Bishop, Sarah  1793Virginia I92 Poore Maddox 
6 Burwell, Alice  Aft 1635Virginia I1079 Poore Maddox 
7 Butler, Anne Jane  1688Virginia I4231 Polen Crosby 
8 Churchill, John  1655Virginia I1249 Polen Crosby 
9 Cox, Phoebe  1775Virginia I2485 Polen Crosby 
10 Exum, Christian  6 Nov 1727Virginia I2440 Polen Crosby 
11 Finch, Margaret  1650Virginia I4009 Polen Crosby 
12 Flood, Jane  1669Virginia I2247 Polen Crosby 
13 Gardener, John ??  Abt 1792Virginia I2098 Poore Maddox 
14 Haden, Anthony  Virginia I3682 Poore Maddox 
15 Harrison, Henry  24 Sep 1732Virginia I4213 Polen Crosby 
16 Harrison, Sarah  5 May 1713Virginia I4212 Polen Crosby 
17 Lemen, Blanche  Abt 1777Virginia I4524 Poore Maddox 
18 McCorkle, William  1780Virginia I1140 Poore Maddox 
19 McKinnie, Barnaby  Virginia I4280 Poore Maddox 
20 Muller, Katherene (Catharine)  1750Virginia I1194 Polen Crosby 
21 Phypo, Ruth  17 Jun 1642Virginia I2501 Polen Crosby 
22 Power, John  1661Virginia I2500 Polen Crosby 
23 Weeks, Martha  1741?Virginia I623 Poore Maddox 
24 Whittington, Ann  1650Virginia I4169 Poore Maddox 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 DeMoss / Cox  1748Virginia F1789 Polen Crosby 
2 Flood / Finch  1623Virginia F2923 Polen Crosby 
3 Gill / (Caninaw?)  Virginia F74 Poore Maddox 
4 Harrison / Cary  1698Virginia F1593 Polen Crosby 
5 Harrison / Stringer (Sturger)  1642Virginia F1598 Polen Crosby 
6 Jones / Churchill  1694Virginia F268 Polen Crosby 
7 Lawrence / Adkinson  1638Virginia F1800 Polen Crosby 
8 Lucas / Charlton  1839Virginia F1642 Poore Maddox 
9 Simmons / McCorall (McCorkle)  1778Virginia F1748 Poore Maddox 
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